Day One – Elk Island National Park   2 comments

A major life theme for me at the moment is ‘winter’. While I grew up in Northern Ontario (very cold winters!) and should be accustomed to cold winters, I’ve gradually moved to warmer and warmer climates. We recently relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where they take winter seriously! I’m working on embracing winter so I am starting with a winter theme.

For day one, I travelled about 45 minutes east of Edmonton to Elk Island National Park for some winter hiking and hopefully some bison and elk sightings. Sadly, no bison and only one elk, but some beautiful winter scenery.


Posted 06/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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2 responses to “Day One – Elk Island National Park

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  1. A real de-ja-vu for me. Just returned from England back to Australia. 36 degrees C here today but saw scenes just like this in Oxford.

    Would be interested if you took any from a lower perspective but your photo is lovely and captures the pristine nature of the scene beautifully.

  2. Thanks Jeff. I do indeed have more shots from different angles. They didn’t have the same kind of depth that this one offered. I selected this one more for the larger view of the scene that it provided and the inclusion of the other tables off into the back of the shot. I’ll post some of the alternates on FB.


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