Day Three – Winter Tree   6 comments

I have always been very much a planner when it comes to going out to take photos. Ideas always arise during the outing, but I often try to picture what I expect to shoot before I set out. The problem is that if I can not imagine something I will be happy with I may not venture out at all. Shooting every day and producing a good image every day is already changing my approach.

Yesterday my wife and I went to the library and as she looked for books, I walked around the block with my camera in hand prepared to shoot whatever caught my eye. I shot some cars flying by on the freeway, but that was not working.

I changed my perspective by cranking the ISO way down to 50 and closing the aperture down to 22. I was shooting between 1/3 of a second and a second freehand. I tried zooming while the shutter was open and got some unusual results. I tried something I will call a ‘zoom pan’ where I zoomed trying to keep a single moving vehicle in the same place in the frame for the whole shot. The results were interesting, but perhaps not ready for prime-time.

I walked on and came to a stark, leafless tree standing in the snow beside a popular local restaurant and I knew that was going to be the picture for today.


Posted 08/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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6 responses to “Day Three – Winter Tree

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  1. Great picture.

  2. Nice pic. I like the detail.

    Alan Eckstein
  3. Hey Mike, keep up the good work. You may need to get a few “extras” in the can for when you can’t get out.

    Is the banner photo of the trees yours? I have to say it is my favourite so far if it is.

    • Extras might defeat my purpose of shooting every day. Not sure they’ll be permitted, but it’ll depend how desperate I get later on. The banner photo is indeed mine – it was also from Elk Island, same as the picture for Day One.

  4. I do wish you would post the “alternate” version with the orange background, which I liked a lot.

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