Day Four – Snow Day   6 comments

The weather forecast promised us 10 to 15cm of snow this weekend. By the time it was done it was more like 35 to 40cm of the fluffy white stuff. Good thing I am working on a winter theme at the moment! The snow meant that I was staying close to home because the roads were virtually undriveable, though a few people were trying with limited success.

Staying close to home is actually a good photographic challenge as I was going to have to take a new look at the things I see every day. In between shovelling the driveway, fine tuning the snow fort in the back yard and taking the kids sledding in foot deep powder (actually not such a great idea), I took a walk around the block and found several great examples of mountain ash trees that seem to hold their berries throughout the year despite dropping all their leaves.

Mountain ash berries hang down in bunches and serve as perfect platforms for little piles of snow. I have only lived in Edmonton for a few months yet these berries are already a perfect symbol of winter in Alberta for me.


Posted 09/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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6 responses to “Day Four – Snow Day

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    i took pictures of berries too! sadly, it doesn’t snow in California but it reminds me of Christmas/Winter as well.

  2. Love it!

  3. Refreshing images. You have an eye for natural detail that was wasted in a dull office job.

  4. Woah!! i was checking all ur post from newest to oldest and this is the best so far!! Awesome.!!

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