Day Seven – Frosty   2 comments

Is it reasonable to celebrate a one week blogging milestone? Possibly not. Nonetheless, after only seven days, I am finding it easier than I expected to shoot every day. With the abundance of winteriness surrounding me, there is no risk of running out of subject matter. I just have to keep picking up the camera (and putting on lots of winter clothing).

Today I decided it was time to try macro photography. I tend not to shoot macro as I find most macro work is more about the lens than about good photography. I have had the odd good result, but mostly not. As a result, I have the simplest (and the cheapest) macro setup – a set of extensions tubes. Extension tubes go between the camera and the lens and just push the lens away from the camera. They are less flexible than a dedicated macro lens, but are much cheaper and as effective.

A few weeks ago, I produced some tolerable macro shots of snowflakes but I found them a bit lackluster. It was interesting to see the microscope view of the snowflakes, but nothing more. This time I wanted to try something a little more abstract and a frosty window on my garage was just what I needed to communicate ‘winter’.


Posted 12/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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2 responses to “Day Seven – Frosty

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  1. Cool! The ice crystals almost look like branches of an evergreen, or ferns, or something vaguely plantlike.

  2. This was fun!

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