Day Eight – Snow Portrait   3 comments

Parenthood is a huge part of who I am, especially since we moved to Edmonton and I have been spending so much more time with my kids. Combined with my strong passion for photography, it is not surprising that I have thousands of pictures of my children. Like a good, anal retentive photographer, I know it is actually 7,357 pictures (excluding negatives yet to be scanned) to be precise, but perhaps I digress.

Suffice to say that given the amount of time I spend with my kids and the amount of time I spend looking through my view finder, the two passions frequently cross paths. I have many candids, action shots, and posed portraits of the kids. The special ones are those that reveal their personality.

I do like portraits with a difference though, and I often search for new ways to capture their cheeky personalities. I particularly like the impact of using a wide angle lens. I tried this for a photo contest last year and was very happy with the comical results. For today’s picture I also composited in a high-speed background to add a little something extra to the image.


Posted 13/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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3 responses to “Day Eight – Snow Portrait

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  1. almost looks like you could be on a merry-go-round, very cool. -Kim

    • Thanks Kim. I may have to resurface the merry-go-round idea. I’ve done some shots a few years back on something similar. Might be time to try again…

  2. Mate this in my opinion is your best one yet. Portraits of the girls has always been your best style. Excellent.

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