Day Nine – Après Play   1 comment

You can only spend so much time indoors, even when the temperature is sitting at -25C and the wind chill is testing you with a punishing -35C. The trick, as I have learned over the past few months, is that you need to get active, preferable very active.

For a photographer, that can present a challenge because you frequently need to be still. Sometimes I just need to put the camera down for a little while so I can warm up.

In the spirit of staying active, we have a major snow fort construction project underway in our back yard. We have a main fort that is connected by a five-metre long walled path through a small quinzhee (snow hut) to a circular tower (under construction). The main fort has two rooms with a third underway. A second larger quinzhee sits off to the side on its own.

Fort construction keeps us warm and sheltered from the wind. It also gets us out of the house, although fingers, toes, and noses eventually get too cold to stay outside.


Posted 14/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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  1. This one’s a favourite. The pink and the fuzzy, utterly exhausted after a day’s high adventure in the snow.

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