Day 11 – Chinese Lantern   3 comments

On Saturday, I made my weekly trip to our local farmers market. The market is open on Saturdays and is very popular. It is in a historic part of Edmonton called Old Strathcona, one of the prettiest areas in the city.

Locals call Edmonton the Festival City, hosting more than 30 festivals annually. Currently, one such festival, Ice on Whyte, is hosting an ice sculpting competition with a Chinese theme. The venue happens to be right behind the farmers market so I caught a glimpse on my way back to the car. The Chinese lanterns in the trees around the festival were particularly eye-catching in the falling snow and added some much needed colour to winter.


Posted 16/01/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Winter

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3 responses to “Day 11 – Chinese Lantern

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  1. Oh, lovely. Red is my *favorite* color, this precise shade of it.

  2. I love the photos but I also really love the commentary. So glad this is your new day job!

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