Day 15 – Paparazzi on Ice   2 comments

Last night I visited the Ice on Whyte festival again. I decided a night shoot should present more interesting images given the light show and apparently I was not the only one with this idea. I could barely take a step without bumping into another person with a DSLR in hand. Half of them even had tripods! Plus, given the weather, only the hardiest souls would have been out.

I stood back and watched to see what people were shooting. Most seemed to be going for straight shots of the ice sculptures. Some were trying for some unusual angles. I am sure some of them were getting some nice shots, but I did not want to get the same kind of picture. I wanted to get an image that would be uniquely my own.

I find shooting is the best catalyst for ideas so I took a little time trying different ideas, perspectives, and exposures. While the ice sculptures were very well done, I thought the photos were not living up to their potential. I decided to move in close and shoot through the ice sculptures and capture the lights and shadows on the other side.

Technical details: ISO 400, F4.0, 1/15s, 105mm
Photoshop mods: Curves to enhance contrast and to brighten and saturate colours, cropped to emphasise Chinese characters


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2 responses to “Day 15 – Paparazzi on Ice

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  1. Very funky!

  2. really interesting perspective. Love it!

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