Day 17 – Early Australia Day   2 comments

Although we’re away from Australia, we still strongly associate with our home down under. Like all good Australian citizens, we are celebrating Australia Day. Since Canada has not yet seen fit to declare Australia Day a local holiday, we are celebrating early this weekend.

This afternoon I dug out the barbeque in honour of the big day. I literally dug it out. It was half buried in a snow bank. Luckily, we’re in the middle of a little Edmonton heat wave with temperatures soaring to 2C this afternoon! The surprising thing is that I always thought it was too cold in Melbourne in winter to barbeque even though it was warmer. Nothing like a little time spent south of -20C to adjust your perspective.

To all my Australian friends, happy Australia Day (early)!

For today’s photo, I spent yesterday touring rural Alberta. It was mostly a grey, overcast day, but shortly after lunch, the sun poked it’s nose out for a quick hello before darting back behind the clouds.

Technical details: ISO 100, F18, 1/80s, 100mm
Photoshop mods: Curves to enhance contrast and saturate colours, shadows/highlights tool to increase texture in snow


2 responses to “Day 17 – Early Australia Day

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  1. Happy oz day to you matey. By Jingo it’s hotter here than a cut snake. Strewth! Throw another snag on the barbie for us cobber and I’ll waltz around your Matilda for you. Missing you down here at the old billabong fella. Sees ya.

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