Day 19 – Edmonton May Be Cold, But The People Are Warm   3 comments

I have a tendency to grumble about Edmonton, especially the cold. Perhaps not on the blog, but it would not be unfair to say that I’ve had some trouble identifying the positive aspects of Edmonton life. Well, tonight the plows finally came through our neighbourhood. They cleared the streets that were about 20cm deep with packed snow and ice. Sadly, all the snow was dropped on our driveways and parking spots.

What followed was the whole neighbourhood out shovelling their driveways and the streets. We all got to it even before the plow had finished the street. When the guys with snow blowers finished their piles, they came down the street and seven families (ours included) got together and went first to the group home and cleared their driveway. Then we cleared the snow bank across the street. Then we moved back across to clear a parking spot for a single woman with nowhere to put her car. Then we headed back across to do some more clearing. We were all out there for two hours moving from home to home making sure everyone was okay.

My ten-year old joined in on the shovelling. She clearly was very impressed with how everyone was pulling together to help each other out. I got the camera out at one point to catch a quick memory of the evening and she told me that this had to be my blog photo today. It’s not much of a photo, but it shows our community working hard together.

Technical details: ISO 3200, F4.0, 1/10s, 50mm
Photoshop mods: Shifted white balance to correct for lighting


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3 responses to “Day 19 – Edmonton May Be Cold, But The People Are Warm

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  1. Pretty cool demonstration of community spirit! Thanks for the post.

  2. The blue of the sky is incredible.

  3. It’s great to see you’ve settled in a great community and you’ve become a great member of it. I don’t even know all of my neighbours’ names!

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