Day 20 – Winter Workout   2 comments

How much snow have we received in Edmonton? I’ve heard as much at 60.5 cm since January 1st. That doesn’t really sound like that much. Fernie (a ski resort in BC) says they’ve received more than 5 metres this year!

I’ve learned that to control run-off, recover sand and clear streets, Edmonton has five snow storage facilities where they pile mountains of snow collected from the city streets. They are currently predicting that these facilities will hold 2.4 million cubic metres of snow by the end of winter. That’s three times the average year. The snow is currently piled 25m deep. These mountains of snow will last through August (which is about when it will start getting cold again!).

Our snow storage facility out front is not quite so full, but we’re getting there.

Technical details: ISO 320, F4.0, 1/640s, 35mm
Photoshop mods: Shift to B&W, Highlight/shadow tool to restore snow texture


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2 responses to “Day 20 – Winter Workout

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  1. What do they do with all that snow?

    • Hey Mon, at the snow storage sites they actually filter it to take out antifreeze, road sand, petrol, etc. It gradually melts over about four months. As for all the snow that’s piled in snow banks around the city, I think we’re just going to be walking around in puddles for weeks on end!

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