Day 21 – Just Throw Snowballs   Leave a comment

Driving home from dropping the kids at school the other day, my wife told me that I need to find my “driving zen”. Bascially I need to relax and find my calm inner driver. I have to admit to a tendency, while driving, to grumble about each and every crazy driver (I swear it’s them, not me!) with whom I cross paths.

I’ve seen all manner of odd driving in Edmonton – driving on the wrong side of the road (both accidentally and intentionally), tailgating at high speeds, running lights, taking shortcuts over the medians and – my personal favourite – driving really slowly while talking on the phone. If I’m alone in the car, this sort of behaviour may occasionally trigger some shouting. This is, of course, with the windows up. The shouting is for my own benefit. It’s therapeutic.

So, perhaps her comment is fair. I do need to find my driving Zen. In the meantime, maybe I can just rig something up on my car to fling snowballs at the offending cars.


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