Day 24 – Can’t Go Back   1 comment

Having recently returned to Canada from a long stint in Australia, there were a few things that I missed and was looking forward to sampling once again. What I didn’t expect was that, without fail, I had adjusted my perspective and that thing that I once craved when it was not available to me, no longer held much interest.

It was primarily food and restaurants that I craved. Not that the food in Melbourne wasn’t great (it was!), but you sometimes crave the foods you grew up with. It seems that after seven years away, I’ve grown accustomed to their absence. Those restaurants that I once missed, I’ve now visited and found wanting without exception.

For me, at least, it seems that the old saying that you can’t go back appears true. Now, of course, I miss my Melbourne favourites.

Today’s photo is another monochrome macro because I’ve been receiving some positive feedback about those and who doesn’t appreciate kind words? This is condensation on our lounge window.


One response to “Day 24 – Can’t Go Back

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  1. Ahh monochrome. Ummmmm. Almost looks like some sort of alien lizard skin.

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