Day 25 – Tea for Two   1 comment

For most of my life, I have quite happily muddled through without the support of coffee or tea. My wife, on the other hand, has been a stronger supporter of the little black leaves soaking in the hot water. I never saw the appeal of tea. Who wants a mug of some milky tasteless hot water? Besides they always serve it in those tiny little girly cups!

Over the years, I’ve been encouraged by my wife to pick up tea drinking for it’s social aspects. I began to occasionally dabble, but didn’t really commit. At least, not until I encountered the great variety of laneway cafes so common in Melbourne. Since then, I became a big fan of having business meetings over a cup of tea. I even had my own tea pot at work with a bag of loose leaf tea.

We spent this past weekend in Jasper, a four-hour drive from Edmonton. There’s very little between here and there. Certainly there isn’t any good tea. This morning, our breakfast tea tasted like stale coffee. She at least tried to drink it. I didn’t get past a quick sniff.

On our way home, still in need of a hit of tea, we stopped to get my wife a cup at a rural service station. Half an hour later, she was still grimacing through this cup of tea because, apparently, even though “it tastes like paper, at least it’s hot”. It’s interesting how malleable our standards can be when we’re desperate.

I caught this photo this morning as we left Jasper. A herd of goats was stopped in the middle of the highway licking the salt off the road and this goat was keeping watch.

Technical details: ISO 100, F16, 1/100s, 100mm
Photoshop mods: Cropped


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  1. Try drinking tea black, no milk. You will taste the tea, not the watered down milk!

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