Day 27 – Frozen   3 comments

While Melbourne is cooking at nearly 40C, here in Edmonton it is a freezing -30C. It’s very quiet outside, with the cold almost seeming to freeze the sound. The snow that was so great for snowballs last week is now hard as a rock. The trees are coated with frost and the branches appear white.

The exhaust from cars hangs in the air and makes it difficult to breath. Everyone has their collars turned up, their faces covered, and their heads down as they minimize their time outside. The kids don’t get outdoor recess when it’s this cold.

Our energy bills are spiking as heaters battle the bitter cold. All while Melbourne’s energy bills are spiking as air conditioners try to push back the heat.

Technical details: ISO 100, F7.1, 1/1250s, 100mm (trying out program mode)
Photoshop mods: Cropped, curves to extend contrast, levels to darken the blacks


3 responses to “Day 27 – Frozen

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  1. While the photo is impressive so is the difference in temperatures. 70 degrees between here and there. The human body is amazing!

  2. Another great photo. I really love this one, it’s a photo that really cries out to be printed and put on a wall. Really great work.

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