Day 28 – Get Well Queensland   Leave a comment

Today I’ve been glued to my computer watching the unfolding news of the cyclone hitting northern Queensland in Australia. The category 5 cyclone hit just south of Cairns this morning. I can’t believe after all the flooding in January that they are being pummeled again.

I don’t know anyone in the latest affected area, but I’m sure I have friends who have family and friends that have been impacted. I hope everyone is safe and well and that they can get back up on their feet quickly.

Here in Edmonton, the weather is still closely resembling a yo-yo. From “Frozen” yesterday to 5C today. Based on the crazy weather we’ve been having, it’s no wonder Canadians are so obsessed with weather.

This friendly winter bear was kind enough to pose for today’s photo. Of course, he was made of wood.

Technical details: ISO 3200, F4.5, 1/6s, 85mm
Photoshop mods: Cropped, levels to darken the blacks


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