Day 30 – Movie Night!   13 comments

I can’t believe I made it to day 30!  I haven’t missed a day of posting yet, although the two days I was out of town were tricky. I can tell it’s going to be a challenge keeping this up when travelling. The most difficult part will be my lack of access to Photoshop. I try not to be too heavy-handed, but I do use it on every single photo to just fine tune the results (and, unfortunately to remove all the debris on my sensor – I really need to clean it!).

Tonight is movie night. And pizza night. And, as the kids like to remind us, pop night. Movie night is the only night of the week they get pop. I know, we’re cruel. “And there’ll be no caffeine either. Not until you’re 18.” Then the 10-year old starts asking when we can go to the States so we can get some caffeine-free Coke.

On the way home from school with the kids, we’ll drop into our local video store to find a movie to satisfy a viewing audience ranging from 5 to 43 years old. I have to pay close attention and gently steer the kids away from any kind of live-action animal movies (Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I mean you) because I just can’t bear to watch them. Animated animals are a much safer bet (I’m thinking Kung Fu Panda). Personally though, I’m looking forward to Cars 2 in June.

Soon, I’ll make the pizza dough so it has plenty of time to rise. Occasionally we take the kids out for pizza if, for instance, we’re in Jasper. Because they’re such good kids, they always say Dad’s pizza is better!

Technical details: ISO 1600, 1/6s, f8.0, 24mm
Photoshop mods: Crop for wide aspect ratio, new layer with fresco filter multiplied over original to add texture and contrast, curves and levels for fine tuning dynamic range and contrast


13 responses to “Day 30 – Movie Night!

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  1. A bit different from your usual style. There are no trees. No snow. Oh my.

    • Might call this the departure from my winter theme. Getting tired of winter. Was time to move on. Do you think if I start a spring theme that spring will arrive?

  2. Great photo. I like the content and the moment and the still young man. For the 5-43year olds I’m assuming you’ve seen the main ones…ToyStory3, Up and that robot one?

  3. Nice capture! Jasper…as in Alberta Jasper? I lived in St. Albert for many many years and was born in Ft. McMurray (okay, don’t hold that against me)! I still have family living in Calgary. 😀

  4. I like the motion feel in this shot besides the star burst from the hanging lights. I like these kind of day-to-day shots and you have captured this nicely.

    Regarding photo editing during travel, have you tried Picnik. It’s not as powerful as PS, but it does a fair job and works great as long as you have an internet connection.

  5. I like this one because of the colors and the attitude.

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