Day 32 – Bagels   8 comments

Looks like I’m going to run with a food theme for a few days. This is entirely outside my comfort zone, so you might consider forgiving me in advance.

I first developed my fondness for bagels living in Ottawa. We would make regular vigils to our local bagel-shop where you could watch the bagels being made right in front of you. The bakers would have a massive piece of dough in front of them and they would rapidly pull off little pieces and with some deft flicks of their wrist a bagel would appear ready for the oven. Behind them, other bakers would be pulling fresh bagels from the wood-fired ovens.

We’d place our order for a dozen steaming hot bagels, which they’d grab fresh from the oven and drop into a plain brown paper bag. We often didn’t make it back to the car before we were each grabbing a bagel and tearing it apart. Back in the car, we were immersed in the steam and the smell of the hot bagels.

We’ve moved around a lot since then – Fredericton, Toronto, Wellington, Vancouver, Melbourne, Edmonton. I honestly don’t remember if I had bagels much in those intervening years, but I found myself wanting them again nearly six years ago when we were living in Melbourne. Much later, I would discover Glicks, but at the time, I couldn’t find a fresh, warm bagel anywhere in the city. Not to be defeated in my quest for bagels, I start making them myself.

For me, the great thing I discovered about bagels is that they are very well suited to experimenting, which I love!  My best variation on the original recipe is the cinnamon-raisin bagel, but that’s another story.

Technical details: ISO 200, 1/100s, f2.0, 100mm
Photoshop mods: Levels to bring up the blacks a bit, cropped to square


8 responses to “Day 32 – Bagels

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  1. Great looking bagels! Do you miss Kettleman’s bagels? I’ve had some friends up from the States… they’re a bit “meh” on the Montreal style. I’ve had the best of NYC (went right to H&R) and frankly, Montreal style wins hands down. Smoked meat and swiss on a warm Kettleman’s bagel… heaven with a hole in it!

    • I do now! I’d forgotten Kettleman’s. Totally agree that Montreal-style is the only way to go. Sadly not sure I can afford a wood-fired oven for the truly authentic experience.

  2. Yum, inspirational. I use a Cdn Living recipe, but perhaps I will try yours. it has ben quite a while since I made bagels! the first time I made them was while living in Chibougamau…also no great bakery there! wasn’t all bad though, I met your brother!

  3. I like baking bread from scratch but never tried baking bagels (yet).
    Those looks yummy…

  4. Bagels! Ok, I had no idea what they were until I got to the states. I’m a sesame bagel and smoked salmon cream cheese person. Gimme!

  5. Oh man, home made bagels? I’ll be honest, I’ve never had the opportunity to try home made (but, I do have this mom/pop style shop in Seattle which I love)! Love the poppies on the table. 😀

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