Day 37 – Cajun Chicken and Chips   3 comments

Or to mis-quote Blazing Saddles “Veggies! We don’t need no stinking veggies!”.

Warm weather here in Edmonton again this week. This flip flopping of temperatures is pretty hard to keep up with, but warm weather means it’s barbeque season again. I’m rather overstocked on chicken these days (there was a big sale at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks back) so chicken had to be on the menu.

Today’s chicken dish is from an Australian book of barbeque recipes. I’m not any sort of expert on Cajun cooking, but I am wondering just how authentically Cajun an Australian Cajun recipe could be.

One thing I know for sure, I seriously need to get more decorative plates if I’m going to do any more food photography!

Technical details: ISO 100, 1/100s, f8.0, 80mm
Photoshop mods: Slight crop


3 responses to “Day 37 – Cajun Chicken and Chips

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  1. Okay, I am dying to know…how were they?

    • The chips were great. The chicken needed a little something on the side. The recipe calls for a pineapple salsa (which is really really good) but I didn’t have the ingredients. 😦

  2. Those looks delicious.
    You are right – foodie shots need nice plates, props and little things to fill the space 😉

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