Day 39 – Canada’s Favourite Food   5 comments

I don’t necessarily have data to back up the claim that this is Canada’s favourite dish, but maybe we can just call it local lore for now. Shortly after we arrived in Edmonton, I was in the car with my kids listening to the local radio station Joe FM. The drive-time show (3-6pm) is hosted by Rhubarb Jones who just happens to be our next-door neighbour. He was running a trivia contest with a couple of callers. This is basically how it went in our car:

Rhubarb: What is the most popular dish in Canada?
My 10-year-old daughter (in the backseat): Macaroni and Cheese!
Me: What?! It may be your favourite dish, but there’s no way that’s the most popular food in Canada! [Blogger’s sidebar: Seriously, what could she know? She’s barely lived in Canada!]
Contestant: Macaroni and cheese
10 yr old: Ha!
Me: Doesn’t mean the contestant is right!
Rhubarb: That’s right!
Me: Okay, but I want to see his sources.
10 yr old: Ha!

True or not, this is certainly my kids’ favourite dish. My 10yr old is starting to learn how to make it herself. We keep it basic and make the cheese sauce from the oldest cheddar we can put our hands on. We sprinkle a mix of cheddar and parmesan over the top and bake. We made it often enough in Melbourne, but this dish makes so much more sense in the depths of winter.

Technical details: ISO 100, 1/100s,  f2.0, 100mm (with 12mm extension tube)
Photoshop mods: Crop, combine, and frame (with canvas size)


5 responses to “Day 39 – Canada’s Favourite Food

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  1. Yum! Who doesnt love Mac n’ Cheese? Kids know so much now days!

  2. mmmm lovely photos… Mac and cheese is delicious!

  3. Ah comfort food … I’m sick with a cold in Amsterdam – I hate being sick when there’s no one to take care of me! This post has inspired me to take care of myself and make myself some mac n cheese:)

  4. The perfect Valentines dinner? My wife and I enjoyed what else? … Mac and Cheese. I would have responded Poutine to the radio announcer’s question but now that I think about it, Mac and cheese could be the secret truth.

  5. You know, I have always loved home made mac ‘n cheese, there’s just something wonderful about it!!

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