Day 41 – On the Road in Phoenix, Arizona   4 comments

By necessity of location, I am taking a break from food photography this week. I’m fortunate enough to be travelling in Arizona with my folks for a few days. I have always wanted to see the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada – a photographer’s dream! I’m viewing this trip as a quick scouting trip for a longer, more leisurely future trip.

Today, we travelled from Mesa, Arizona north to Montezuma’s Castle and then through Sedona and Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. If we’d come direct with no stops, it probably would have been four to five hours, but it took us nine. You have to stop and smell the roses, right?!

The colour of the soil was very reminiscent of Australia’s Red Centre, but the rock formations rising out of the landscape are very different.  This image is from a little south of Sedona – I believe it’s called Bell Rock. We arrived at the Grand Canyon after dark so we’ll catch our first sight of it first thing in tomorrow. There’s big talk about us getting there for sunrise, but I’m not sure the weather is with us.


4 responses to “Day 41 – On the Road in Phoenix, Arizona

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  1. Looks gorgeous!

  2. Hope you had a chance to hit Tucson, from your direction of travel it sounds like probably not… Anyways, I hope you enjoy the warmth and desert sunsets.

  3. Lovely shot. I like the contrast and placement of horizon in this shot.

  4. Looks really inviting (warmth that is, I am getting tired of the rain here)! Hope you have a great time, looking forward to seeing more images from your trip. 😀

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