Day 43 – Glorious Sunshine   4 comments

The weather forecast for today promised cold and overcast with a strong chance of snow. While it didn’t get too warm, the skies over the Grand Canyon were graced with few clouds and lots of glorious sunshine.

We arrived at the canyon around 10am with the sunshine in tow. We’d been to virtually every lookout yesterday, but it was overcast at the time. Today we hit all those spots again and they were so much more stunning with the sunshine hitting the canyon.

I popped on a polarizing filter to darken the sky, reduce the haze, and bring out the colours in the canyon.  When I rotated the filter in to place and saw just how effectively it eliminated the haze and clarified the view I almost gasped!

The canyon is so much more beautiful in the sunshine. At every viewpoint I was just jumping out of the car with a big grin on my face eager to see what I could shoot next. Here is a small sample from today. Once I’m back home, I’ll properly review the images and put together a more thorough posting with multiple pictures.


4 responses to “Day 43 – Glorious Sunshine

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  1. Wow! Stunning!

  2. Good shot. I think you captured the quality of the light on the landscape well, and the cloud patterns on the rocks are great. A shot that deserves a few seconds of viewing to soak up the subtle details.

  3. That is somewhere I will never go, but would love to be. Amazing.

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