Day 45 – Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona   12 comments

Located just off highway 89A a few minutes south of central Sedona, Red Rock State Park is a beautiful spot to stop for lunch, a walk along Oak Creek, amazing views, great family hiking trails and, of course, lots of photography. It costs $10 per car to get in. From there, you have access to 5 miles (8 km) of trails in the 286-acre park. We only had time for a short stop for lunch and a quick walk on the Mesquite Loop Trail, but it has whet my appetite for a much longer visit next time.

During our visit to the park, I was lucky enough to meet professional photographer Larry Lyndhal. He’s based out of Sedona and was in the middle of a one-on-one workshop so I really did feel like I needed to stay out of their way. We had a brief chat about photography before he had to get back to his client. If you plan on visiting Sedona and you want to tap into local expertise, you should check out his photo hike workshops.

The picture below is taken from the banks of Oak Creek.


12 responses to “Day 45 – Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona

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  1. Lovely!

  2. Absolutely awesome!
    Anne Marie

  3. It would be nice to go back at different times of the year to catch the same shot with different foliage. Lovely shot.

  4. Great job, I bet running into Larry must have been great (he has some pretty amazing shots doesn’t he)!

  5. Love this shot. I like the contrast between the rocks and the blue sky. I like the silky feel on the creek – gives a feel of serenity.

  6. What a great run in, along with a great capture! I must visit some day!

  7. Beautiful. I like it.

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