Day 46 – Grand Canyon Sunset   8 comments

Today is travel day so I’m off to the airport in a couple of hours. On the way down here from Edmonton I was randomly selected to go through the “full search” queue. Random, while I was there, resulted in the majority of travellers getting the full service option.

Of course, you can opt-out of the scanner and go with a pat down. I watched the people in front of me get the pat down and it wasn’t nearly as intrusive as I had expected. I understand the radiation is supposed to be insignificant, but why have an x-ray if you don’t need one? I went with the pat down. It just seemed simpler. We’ll see what today’s travels bring.

Today’s photo is from last week. It captures sunset at the Grand Canyon, just as the sun dropped through a hole in the clouds and hit the canyon. It was a breath-taking sight.


8 responses to “Day 46 – Grand Canyon Sunset

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  1. I love how high you are compared to the clouds. It looks like they are about to encompass you. And then having the sun shining on the peaks of the canyon – awesome!

    • It’s hard to notice until you’re at the rim of the canyon how high you are. The canyon is carved out of the Colorado Plateau which rises up as high as the rockies in places. So I was up in the clouds!

  2. I thought the same thing with regards to the clouds, amazing!

  3. Awesome shot !!

  4. I like that the bottom part is left pretty dark – sometimes I would get the urge to over-process a shot like this to bring out more detail and ruin the overall effect. But lately I’m learning to “embrace the darkness” more. And I love sunset shots that don’t actually show the sun setting. Well done.

    • Cheers Mike. I have done some bracketing as well for some of these shots so I might try an HDR or two and see how they look, but I agree – I like the dark tones.

  5. This is the best one yet. I love the effects.

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