Day 47 – Thinking Warm Thoughts   3 comments

There’s a certain irony that I have survived Edmonton’s winter with nary a sick day and yet I spend a week in Arizona and come home with a miserable cold. Not sure how that works, but for now I’m going to keep myself feeling warm with images from the deep south.

I captured this image from Yavapai Point on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon at 7:22am. The sunshine had dropped into the canyon, but not yet disappeared behind heavy cloud cover. The light was pure gold.

One of the most popular questions for the park rangers is “where is the best spot to see the sunrise/sunset?” From different sources you get different opinions – no surprise. I overheard one ranger say “anywhere there’s a point” and I think he was spot on. It’s hard to go wrong with views like these. Each point along the rim offers a different view – all of them awe-inspiring. As long as the sun graces you with its presence, you’ve done well.


3 responses to “Day 47 – Thinking Warm Thoughts

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  1. I would love to wake up to this sunrise someday!

  2. Wow, reminds me of a painting!

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