Day 51 – Red Rock Crossing, Sedona   9 comments

Back to Sedona today with a second HDR shot. Without processing this as a high dynamic range image, the lighting in this scene was very difficult to balance. It was quite bright all around the image while the red rocks in the centre were dark. By processing five exposures using Photomatix Pro, I was able to balance out the lighting without (hopefully) making it look unnatural.

This spot, by Oak Creek, is well off the highway and into the state park. It’s a perfect spot to sit and meditate or simply to enjoy some downtime by the river like these women were doing. At first, I was hoping they would move, but then I realized that they added scale and more of a sense of the place.

Technical details
: ISO 50, 0.3s,  f22.0, 28mm
Photo mods: Generated five bracketed shots from one RAW file, combined and tone mapped with Photomatix Pro, adjusted levels, curves to fine-tune lighting


9 responses to “Day 51 – Red Rock Crossing, Sedona

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  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous photo!

    The Daily Dabbler
  2. Great shot! I love Sedona, its a wonderful place to be. Thanks for sharing the photo.
    – Nate

  3. These HDR images are awesome. I love this concept. I went and followed through on the tutorial and gave it a bit of a try with a couple of old images processed with Photoshop CS5. I am very excited to get out and try some of these for myself. Thanks for turning me onto HDR.

  4. Great work and also I love the colors ….

  5. Love it!

  6. I really like the folks in the image, great job.

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