Day 52 – Stormin’ at the Canyon   3 comments

Today’s photo is an HDR panorama assembled from four bracketed shots. I used Photomatix to blend each of the bracketed images and then used Hugin to stitch them into a single seamless panorama. There was some cleanup once the stitching was done to fix hot spots and some weird colour side-effects of the process. This shot was taken at mid-day when the clouds were at their heaviest and the light was really flat.

Technical details
: ISO 200, f16.0, 24mm
Photo mods: Panorama stitched from four HDR images that were combined and tone mapped with Photomatix Pro; adjusted levels, curves, saturation, colour balance in Photoshop CS3


3 responses to “Day 52 – Stormin’ at the Canyon

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  1. stunning. will be making my first visit there in april–can’t wait.

  2. Very nice. I like the artsy feel on this shot.

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