Day 55 – Lone Tree   6 comments

I’ve changed my blog layout today. I wanted a theme that would allow me to present the photos  in a larger format and to make them more of a feature of each post. After a thorough look at almost all of the WordPress themes, this is the one that I thought was best for photos. Not surprisingly, this is the one that many photo bloggers choose so I guess I’m joining the party. I hope you like the new look.

You can either use these big arrows to move between posts or you can click on the left or right of the photo.


6 responses to “Day 55 – Lone Tree

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  1. You need a fierce looking bird on that tree…reminds me of your mom’s earlier pic. I like it!

  2. Ah the classic Monotone/Duotone theme the WP photogs love…needless to say I like your theme pick 😉

    Nice composition.

  3. Love the new look – it foregrounds the photo much better!

  4. Love love love the new layout! The photo definitely gets more screen time this way. Your tree almost looks three dimensional; makes me want to reach out an touch it like in a kids’ touchy feely book to see if it’s bumpy.

  5. Another great one I love it.

  6. Nice theme, I have always loved how well the theme picks the colours. Nicely done HDR.

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