Day 56 – Navajo Land   13 comments

Heading east from Grand Canyon village, going toward Cameron, you head into Navajo country. According to Wikipedia the Navajo nation governs an area of 67,000 square kilometres in northeastern Arizona and parts of Utah and New Mexico. While driving through, we stopped at one of the many roadside shops selling native goods. I had a good chat with a gentleman at one shop and he told me that the Navajo have been the most successful at recovering land. They have the most land governed by Native Americans.

The land appears to be sparsely populated. Where you do find houses, they tend to be modest-sized bungalows. Contrary to typical North American towns/cities the houses we saw seemed to suggest that the people who live here like a little more space. Whether it’s the due to lower population density or just a desire for more elbow room, the housing here is more spread out with space between properties.

I took this picture alongside the Little Colorado River Gorge just after visiting a roadside Navajo craft shop.



13 responses to “Day 56 – Navajo Land

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  1. very spooky
    loads of atmosphere
    You have SKILLS, man

  2. Oh it’s breathtaking! Got a gasp from me as it came up. The whites of the scrub and the sky….the very subtle shades of colour…it’s gorgeous.

  3. This is lovely. I like the placement of horizon in this shot .

  4. WOW!

  5. What interesting clouds, really nice capture Mike.

  6. Absolutely stunning! Very impressed with the way your post-processing enhances the emotion of this shot.

  7. You should be selling these, either as art or photo stock in some cases (they’re better than most photo stock, I know!).

  8. Really enjoyed looking through your posts, this picture is my favorite!

    I’m just getting into photography myself, and am investigating the current photoblogging outlets. I created a blog with the same template, but cannot figure out how to access the picture info (aperture, ISO, etc.). Any tips on where I access that to update the information? It would be much appreciated 😀

  9. Breathtaking. I am literally speechless.

  10. This is by far my favorite of yours!!!


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