Day 67 – Historic Bard Residence   7 comments

Trying out a little cyanotype today. I thought it added a bit more character to the image.

“Built in 1912 for Delmar Bard, a civil servant turned businessman who prospered through property investment during Edmonton’s pre-WWI real estate boom, the Bard Residence and Carriage house is significant as a symbol of economic and social success.” Delmar was a classic example of the humble immigrant turned successful businessman.

The house was built in the American Four-square style which typically features a square, boxy design, two and a half stories high, usually with four large rooms to a floor, a centre dormer, and a large front porch.  In addition, the Bard residence features a conservatory (the small square building to the right of the main structure with the arched window) and a carriage house (for the car). Once upon a time, there was a turntable installed into the driveway in front of the carriage house to allow Mr. Bard to spin the car and avoid backing out of the driveway.

I shot this as another HDR image (from 3 exposures), mostly to bring out the details from the heavily shadowed porch. B&W conversion and cyanotype toning was accomplished with Silver Efex Pro 2. Tweaking to clean up halo-effects and cleaning up the snow made too dark from the HDR processing was done in Photoshop.


7 responses to “Day 67 – Historic Bard Residence

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  1. Mike,
    I continue to love the daily photos. I had been putting each new photo on my desktop for the day but when I got to the Day 53 Grand Canyon photo I decided that I liked it too much to dump it. I love the detail….it looks more like a painting than a photograph.

  2. It was a dark and awesomely stormy night! Great effects!

  3. And I thought it was going to be about a writer/bard kinda guy. Silly me.

  4. Ak! What sweep! Pulls at my mind….stretches it right out, round the sides, up into the sky…the straiations on the building to the left…it’s just so nice, I’m gonna look, and look, and look…

  5. As always, great write up. Love the post processing, interesting choice for cyanotype toning (it works prefectly)!

  6. this is a beautiful shot.
    it captures a feeling of
    being surreal and also
    i can’t help but to imagine
    the stories this house holds.

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