Day 70 – Alberta Legislature   7 comments

Just over the High Level Bridge, on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River, you find the home of the Alberta Provincial Government. It was in 1905 that Alberta became a province with Edmonton as its provisional capital. The first provincial election was held on November 9, 1905 with the Liberals winning a substantial majority with 23 of the 25 seats. The Alberta Legislature was built between 1907 and 1914 but officially opened for business in September of 1912.

I took this picture at 10pm on an overcast night. I had to wait a while for just the right moment to catch the moon as it made a brief appearance through a gap in the cloud cover. The image is produced from four bracketed shots with exposure times ranging from 4s to 30s. I shot it at f16 to get the star pattern around the moon.


7 responses to “Day 70 – Alberta Legislature

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  1. These just keep getting better. I love the moon effect.

  2. Vampire Legislature 🙂

  3. This is a very beautiful photo!

  4. your photos left me speechless! amazing!


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