Day 74 – Inside the Legislative Assembly   5 comments

As you walk through the main doors of the Legislative Assembly, you enter the Rotunda. The Rotunda, which rises five floors, is finished in over 2,000 tonnes of marble that was shipped by train from Quebec when the building was constructed from 1907 to 1912.

This picture above is taken facing the south side of the Rotunda and shows the Grand Staircase leading to the hand-carved solid mahogany main doors to the Legislative Assembly Chamber. Above the chamber doors is the provincial coat of arms, also carved from mahogany. On the next level up you can see two very large portraits of King George V and Queen Mary who were the reigning monarchs when the building was completed. The flags on either side of the staircase (and around the Rotunda) are actually Regimental Colours. They represent Alberta’s military units. Some are in very rough condition as they are hung in the actual state they were in when the unit returned from war.

The chamber is where the legislative assembly holds its sittings. The participants are the elected Members of the Legislative Assembly. The government of Alberta has had a Conservative government for 40 years.  Today, the Conservatives dominate the assembly with 67 of 83 seats. The official opposition holds just half of the remaining seats with the rest divided among three other parties and one independent.


5 responses to “Day 74 – Inside the Legislative Assembly

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  1. The marble looks unreal, as it’s been shaded by MC Escher.

  2. Oops, meant “as if it’s been shaded”.

  3. Nicely done.

  4. Fabulous , fabulous shot. It has the resonace of a painting, and an emotional capture, linking the viewer to history and culture in a very immediate way. Will be trawling your blog from now on. I just did a blurb book of my husbands photography as a gift to him , so have got very interested in shots, and what makes them work.

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