Day 76 – John Walter’s First House   5 comments

John Walter, a Scot from the Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland, arrived in the Edmonton area in 1870. Mr. Walter was a boat builder employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company to build York boats, an inland freight-carrying boat for shipping fur. In 1875, he built this house on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River. It was the first house to be built south of the river. The house was his residence, his workshop, the telegraph station and a general store.

Today, it remains the oldest house in Edmonton.


5 responses to “Day 76 – John Walter’s First House

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  1. love the framing of this picture. Very nice.

  2. Really dig the composition here with the decision to put half the house in. The dark path leading up to the door is a nice detail too.

  3. Love the composition as well as the processing. Sorry about being a little behind in my visiting, it’s been a crazy last few weeks!

  4. I just love this picture! Beautiful composition!

  5. This photo has a great mood to it — the composition as others have mentioned, that you included only half the house, and the path to the door is there. The old house with the trees and the rough-edged framing all works nicely together.

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