Day 78 – John Walter’s Third House   12 comments

As noted in yesterday’s post, John Walter was a successful businessman in Edmonton’s early days. He built boats, operated a couple of ferries and owned a sawmill. By the turn of the century, he had been in Edmonton for 25 years. Business was booming, he had a family, everything seemed great. In 1898, he had started building his third house and, when it was completed in 1900, it was one of the biggest houses in the area. It was dubbed the “greenhouse” for obvious reasons.

His successes had resulted in the surrounding area being named “Walter’s Flats”. It would later become known as Walterdale. Today, the Walterdale Bridge and the Walterdale Theatre company still bear his name.

It was 1913 and the completion of the High Level Bridge that started the turn in John’s fortunes. With the bridge in place, his ferry business came to an abrupt and permanent end. While that would have been a significant blow to his business, at least he still had his houses and his sawmill operations.

Unfortunately, just one year later the river valley flooded in what would be the worst in Edmonton’s history. The flood saw the river rise 15 metres above its low water mark. It took all the lumber from his sawmill with it. He was financially ruined and was either unable or unwilling to rebuild. He died five years later on December 25, 1920.


12 responses to “Day 78 – John Walter’s Third House

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  1. Great photo, Mike. It has now taken over my desktop. Not sure how you painted the house green with everything else black and white but we won’t get into that, me being a point-and-shoot kind of guy.

  2. Wow, I love the processing…awesome job Mile!

  3. i’m impressed! made me say, “ooooo, eeerie!!” looks like something i’d see on one of my favorite shows, “Ghost Adventurers”. 😀


  5. I just discovered your photos, I love the details, and history!


  6. really interesting effect – nice composition. love all the history!

  7. Oh. My god.

    You have to share with me how you did this! If you could please…

    • No worries Jon. It’s a combination of techniques. I shot this as three bracketed photos (+2, 0, -2) and combined them to make an HDR photo using Photomatix Pro. I then brought it in to Photoshop CS3 and cleaned up some of the problems that Photomatix processing introduces (hot spots, halos, grey snow). I then converted it into B&W using a tool called Silver Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software. With Silver Efex Pro I can control lighting, structure, contrast, whites, blacks, etc selectively across the photo. I can also selectively restore the original colours to the photo which is what I did with the green wood and the yellow trim. I’m glad you liked it. Cheers, Mike.

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  10. Love this one Mike!

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