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Alexander Cameron Rutherford was the first premier of Alberta. He served as premier from 1905 when Alberta was first recognized as a province. He had the responsibility of putting in place the foundations for the provincial government. Premier Rutherford resigned in 1910, shortly after winning his second majority government, amid controversy over favouritism to one of the railway companies. Inquiries conducted amidst his resignation largely exonerated him from any intentional wrong-doing, but were not as kind about his capabilities as premier. He later served as the chancellor of the University of Alberta from 1927 until his death in 1941.

Rutherford House was his home after serving as Premier. Rutherford built the house in 1911, which he shared with his wife and two children. Its proximity to the University is due in large part to his lifetime dedication to education.

Today the mansion serves as a museum celebrating Alberta’s history.


8 responses to “Day 80 – Rutherford House

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  1. Beautiful black and white photograph, very contrasted and like the snow on the footpath!

  2. Hi Mike, was this an HDR converted to Black and White? or just B+W? lovely shot though,you got some great Architecture out there in Canada! nice post(text) as well.
    So you still got snow out there,long winters,short summers?

    • Hi Adrian. We are sadly still in the thick of winter here and for us, that means a lot of overcast days. I’ve been using HDR of late to try and add a little something extra to some pretty flat light. So, yes, this is an HDR converted to B&W. Even HDR couldn’t save the shot in these conditions though. I found the result was still really flat so I went with a harsh conversion to B&W. This is our first winter in Edmonton so I’m not sure when winter plans to make way for spring. Winter started in early November and we’re still not seeing many days above freezing. Right now I’m thinking we’ll see spring in late April or early May.

  3. Your Dad says that you have learned more Edmonton history in 6 months than he did living there for 5 years.

  4. the post-processing work really takes it back to 1911, too. very dynamic b&w!

  5. The image does have an old feel about it, love the path!

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