Day 81 – I’m no engineer, but…   7 comments

I don’t know anything about engineering, but I reckon bridge-building must take some serious skills. Figuring out the support structures, the number of piers, the dimensions of the bridge, its load-bearing capacity, and all the other bits is for people a whole lot smarter than me. And no pressure at all, just make sure all the people travelling over them every day don’t plummet to their deaths in a stunning failure of bridge design. A remarkable skill set to be sure.

This photo is, once again, the High Level Bridge in Edmonton. Third time’s a charm? I’ve shot this bridge more than a few times over the past couple of weeks and have more photos I could post. Don’t be surprised if it features again in the near future. This bridge is a truss bridge. In fact, it’s two different kinds of truss bridge – a Pratt truss and a Warren truss.

Apparently I have some sort of thing for bridges. A couple of years back, my family and I went to Sydney, Australia for the weekend (we were living in Melbourne at the time). Sydney harbour sports one of the most iconic bridges in the world. In just a couple of days, I took over 150 images of the bridge. Perhaps my next theme after heritage sites should be bridges!


7 responses to “Day 81 – I’m no engineer, but…

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  1. Mike, I have been telling you for years that engineers are at the very top of the food chain. Why has it taken you so long to get the message.

  2. Seriously Mike, as per Dad’s comment above, you clearly have not been raised at the engineering altar!

  3. Then again, no ‘gear alive would have your appreciation for rust and aged metal. That’s an artsy skill 🙂

    Rivets, time and nature’s friendly chaos in the background. Love the sharpness of detail!

  4. nice – very cool use of HDR etc… I like bridges too… and trains!

  5. Great photograph. Did you do anything to the picture to achieve the effect of the bridge? It looks like its been aged digitally, which is a nice effect.

    • Hi Maggie, the use of HDR processing can be used to really bring out the texture in a subject. Plus, I used Silver Efex Pro (a Photoshop plugin) to add even more texture to the image (they have a very cool structure controller).

  6. Amazing photography!


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