Day 82 – Spring! Not   9 comments

I’m taking a brief break from my heritage sites theme today to share an image of “spring” in Edmonton, Alberta. Many of the photo blogs I follow are posting happy spring time pictures – flowers in bloom, rivers full and flowing – but not here in the centre of Alberta. While the vernal equinox has come and gone, we’ve not taken notice of the traditional date for the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere.

This being our first winter in Edmonton, we have been expecting an extended winter so this delay in spring is no surprise. We knew we were in for a long, cold winter, but how long will it last? At first, winter was fun – there was snow, skiing, snow forts, sledding. After about three months, we started getting a bit tired of winter. That was two months ago. On the bright side, temperatures are finally creeping above 0C, there’s not nearly as much snow falling, and the local ski hills are still open!

I found these icicles formed from melting water falling from the High Level Bridge. The dark diagonal swath in the background is the North Saskatchewan River which flows fast enough that it’s only frozen over in extreme cold. In a way, I guess this picture does represent spring.


9 responses to “Day 82 – Spring! Not

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  1. Nice!

  2. Reminds me of spring in northern Ontario. Great shot.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Burr… it looks freezing cold. But on the bright side, beautiful shot. 🙂

  5. very nice photo, mike. it certainly conveys a sense of frigid cold. i love the depth that the branches in the distance add to it. man, i can’t believe you’re five months into winter. since living in texas, i miss the midwestern winters of my youth, but i can imagine after three months, i’d have enough of it, too. at least you can get out and take beautiful winter shots like this, though!

  6. Very nice icicles! I live north of Calgary, and was glad to finally get outside today to take pictures of melting snow. It has been an abnormally long, cold winter!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Sharp and crystal clear (no pun intended). You are very talented. I hope you are making a lot of money from your photography!

  8. I can understand your “spring envy” now! Love the icicles, amazing how the water has totally surrounded some of the branches!

  9. Wowowow!! This picture is so surreal.

    I love to look at other people’s photography because it helps cultivate my own style of taking pictures. What I love about your pictures is the work you do post-production (like in photoshop and lightroom and such). I hardly ever play with it much (save a few touches) but what I’ve noticed is you’ve taken a picture that’s relatively mundane and made it come to life with post production work. It’s really incredible.

    What have you done with this picture? Is that a mask you’ve used in photoshop? Anyway you could email me the original? I’d love to get an idea.

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