Day 83 – Bridges, bridges, bridges   8 comments

Continuing my minor obsession with bridges today. This is the High Level Bridge again, but this time from a perspective that actually lets you see what this bridge looks like. My favourite thing about this photo is that I can imagine, with no other structures in sight, that this is exactly how it looked when it was built 100 years ago.



8 responses to “Day 83 – Bridges, bridges, bridges

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  1. Hard to believe that there are people and houses and cars all around this area. You’ve taken me back in time.

  2. Congrats on reaching day 83, love to see the work of fellow 365ers! Keep up the fantastic work. I found your blog through Freshly Pressed and flipped through the most recent days. I think you’re on to something, bridges are great subjects.

  3. Great shot – love the perspective and it works well in black and white.

  4. I really love the angle that you’ve taken with this photograph. It makes the bridge seem so imposing.

  5. As usual, great processing!

  6. Really dig the warm sepia and antique feel here. Your borders always really finish these shots too. This part of the bridge does look like some on ramp to a super duper roller coaster though.

  7. To me it looks lika still from some old western film…. looks cool!

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