Day 85 – It’s melting!   4 comments

A few days ago, I posted a picture of icicles down by the North Saskatchewan river. They were fresh beautiful clear crystals formed from melting snow dropping off the High Level Bridge and catching on the trees below. The last few days, we’ve been enjoying above-zero temperatures and those icicles have collapsed into a big mess at the bottom of the same trees. The crystal clarity they previously had has given away to this thick, slushy look that happily spells their demise. That’s right! This snow and ice stuff is finally, after five long months, melting!

Process notes: I processed this as an HDR image from 5 bracketed exposures (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2) using Photomatix Pro to combine and tone map the result. I brought the image into Photoshop CS3 and applied the Tonal Contrast filter in Color Efex Pro 3 (Nik Software) to bring out the details in the ice. I then converted it to B&W using Silver Efex Pro 2. In Silver Efex, I added a blue tone to the image, selectively restored colour to the branches, add a soft white vignette and added the border.



4 responses to “Day 85 – It’s melting!

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  1. fascinating! It took me a while to realize what I’m looking at, but my brain exploded when I realized what it was. This is really just incredible.

    That’s awesome your putting the details of the production below! I love it.

  2. The details of how you worked on the photo in Photoshop were interesting. I don’t understand it all, but it is nice to get a glimpse into what other photographers often don’t divulge.

  3. That is a great pic, it almost looks like a painting! I agree with Margie and Jon, it’s good to know the process that took you to the final image, always interesting to see what other techniques people are using.

    Kieran Hamilton
  4. Simply beautiful. I would be proud of this image. In fact I want it!

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