Day 87 – Big Valley   1 comment

A little over two hours southeast of Edmonton is a very little town called Big Valley. It’s a tourist destination for heritage seekers, particularly for railway history, but I think we’re still a bit out of season as the town was very, very quiet. With all the snow and muck it’s pretty hard getting around and some places, like the old abandoned train yards are simply inaccessible.

According to the town’s website, people originally settled here in 1907. Big Valley became incorporated as a village in 1914 and as of 2006, they have a population of just 351 people. The picture above is the local grain elevator (built in the 60s) which is situated on the old rail lines.

Processing notes: Removed a slight vignette as this was shot at 24mm with a polarizing filter that captured a bit of the filter ring in the corners. I edited this one primarily in Viveza 2 to slightly darken the sky and add contrast to bring out the clouds. I added structure and contrast to the grain elevator to bring out the texture of the wood. I also added structure to the snow in the foreground as the whites were a bit too hot. In Color Efex Pro, I warmed up the overall photo with the skylight filter and then enhanced the green of the grass using the foliage filter.


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  1. Lovely composition. Snow in the ground seems to portray the weather besides adding depth to this shot. I think the serene blue sky in the background has helped bring out the colors on the grain elevator.

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