Day 88 – No Hunting, No Trespassing, Private Property   5 comments

On my road trip with my girls on Friday, we came across this house by the side of a railway track. It looked like it would completely fall over with the next train. Like many photographers, I love a good rundown building and this one qualified. I couldn’t get too close as there was a barbed wire fence surrounding the property with a big sign firmly stating “No Hunting No Trespassing Private Property”.

Honestly, I kind of felt like someone might be watching me. There were some buildings down the hill behind the house and I could just imagine someone was about to come striding out of one of the houses and come stomping up the hill to ask me what I thought I was doing. I ended up staying a little while and shooting it from different angles. The girls were trying very hard to be patient with me so I tried to keep the stop brief.

I processed this image as a black and white, but I’ve been posting a lot of B&W lately so, for variety, I chose a colour version for today’s blog.

Processing notes: The house was back-lit with all the crumbling housey goodness in dark shadows so I shot the exposures (in 1 stop increments) and combined them in Photomatix Pro. I wanted all the detail under the porch roof and even in the windows. In Photoshop I used the Viveza 2 plug-in to bring out detail in the snow, deepen the blue of the sky and enhance structure (texture) in the house and in the snow. I also used Viveza to slightly warm up the picture. Last step was to add the frame using Silver Efex 2.


5 responses to “Day 88 – No Hunting, No Trespassing, Private Property

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  1. nice. I appreciate the color.

  2. Nice. I’m sure the B&W was stunning but the color here is wonderful, especially the cool sky in top-right and warm barn in bottom-left. Great juxtaposition of pristine nature and human decay. I notice some busted patches on the front porch wall. Are those shotgun blasts? I ask because it seems like standard operating procedure for all the crumbly barns and houses I’ve encountered, like some rule that one must shoot up the place if found abandoned.

  3. One of the best yet.

  4. love this image. atmospheric, poetic. I will try and use it as inspiration for a poem. I f I manage it, I’ll post it and see what you thinkl

  5. I really like this one, brought a smile to my face!

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