Day 89 – Worshipping Ra   9 comments

Another shot from Friday’s road trip into the rather sparsely populated Alberta countryside southeast of Edmonton. This is St. Edmund’s Church (built in 1916) in Big Valley. The church was originally established in boom times for Big Valley, but those times seem long past now. The church hasn’t been used for regular services in nearly 50 years though it is still used for weddings.

The church has undergone a few changes from it’s original wood frame and stucco finish. The stucco was replaced with wood siding in the 20s and painted a cream colour that was traditional for Anglican Churches. By the mid-70s, with the church in a dreadful need of a paint job, but with no money to fund the work, a local lumber yard donated a large volume of blue paint for which they had no use. The church became a brilliant blue much to the ire of the local Anglicans.

The blue church (I’ll post a colour picture tomorrow) is now something of a trademark for the town.

Processing notes: I ran this through the Silver Efex Pro 2 filter in Photoshop CS3 and applied a preset called Yellowed I. Yellowed I adds a bit of brightness and cranks up the contrast and grain. It also adds a copper tone, a bit of a burnt edge and the border. That darkened the church a bit more than I wanted so I brought up the brightness on the face of the church slightly with some selective adjustments.


9 responses to “Day 89 – Worshipping Ra

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  1. Lovely image, and interesting treatment. Shooting into the sun is such a challenge – nice shot!

  2. Great mood
    Great title!

  3. Great shot! The post-processing is stunning, and the composition is absolutely eye-catching. Love it!

  4. That’s a very powerful picture, it’s stirring…

  5. Oh WOW. Beautiful!!!

  6. Great image and great title!

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  8. this is wonderfully done, from the angle of composition and the light above the cross to the graininess and darkness … i’m in awe of these church photos.

  9. VERY cool. I gasped when I saw this image.

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