Day 90 – Beacon   7 comments

Same church as yesterday with different processing for a significantly different mood. The clouds in the original image gave me the idea of fire and flame and the church as a beacon of safety. While I’m not a religious person, I understand the power of faith and religion especially how it can provide strength in hard times. Of course, while that’s what I was attempting to portray, it may be something completely different for you.

Processing notes: This was originally a photo of a church steeple on a beautiful blue sky with wisps of cloud blowing over. In Photoshop, I used Viveza to substantially darken the sky and add structure and contrast to really bring out the clouds. I also emphasized the texture in the steeple using the structure slider and selective adjustments. Over to Silver Efex Pro to convert to black and white. I toned the image red and then added burnt edges and a rough frame. That darkened the cross too much so I used a selective adjustment on the right side of the cross to bring up the highlights so the cross stood out and in front of the darkness. Back in Photoshop (no more filters) I used the burning (dodge/burn) tool set to 5% and shadows and went over all the clouds to darken them and to saturate the red/orange to give the clouds more an appearance of flames.


7 responses to “Day 90 – Beacon

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  1. That is totally awesome! It’s very fire-and-brimstone!

  2. Look´s like Hells a poppin´

  3. completely different mood!! This one makes me think of evilness and all the bad things churches can do. The red clouds in the back look like flames.

  4. Now that grabs someone’s attention! Your processing really brought out the what you were seeing in this composition. It looks like it could be one of the film posters hung outside a theatre for advertising, a film about some epic battle between good and evil like that recent Anthony Hopkins film.

  5. Very powerful image – nice interpretation!

  6. outstanding post-processing! i love this. great idea turning those clouds into “flames”!

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