Day 91 – Feeling Blue   14 comments

Back to a more conventional photo today. I had to go with colour to show off the brilliant blue of St. Edmund’s Church in Big Valley. This is the same church that I’ve featured over the last two days. Just shows how much alternate compositions and post-processing can produce different moods.

After a little over two hours in the car, this was the first time I was able to let the girls out for a stretch. They spent about half an hour running around this church having enormous fun. No one ever said my kids were hard to entertain!

It turned out that the hardest thing with this photo was getting the colour right for posting. WordPress recommends using the sRGB colour profile. I may still be a bit of a newb when it comes to colour profiles as this shot turned a very disturbing purple when I first uploaded it. I’m still not sure I worked it out in the end. Maybe I should stick with black and white!

Processing notes: Primary editing was done using Viveza 2 in Photoshop. With Viveza I darkened the sky a bit, brightened the clouds and added structure to the wood siding on the church. Finally, I warmed it up just a touch with the Skylight filter in Color Efex. I reassigned the color profile in Photoshop.


14 responses to “Day 91 – Feeling Blue

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  1. Simply brilliant and where technical and creative intersect. And thanks to that blue paint donation from that company!

  2. I love the blues in this photo! They are cheerful blues that give an immediate mood boost. Thanks for the work you do!

  3. I’ve read that the colour will look somewhat different depending on which browser the post is viewed on. I use Firefox, and the Church looks Blue. In IE8 on my other computer it is blue too, but not the same blue.

  4. Beautiful 🙂

  5. Lovely Blue Mike,my favorite colour.great composition. B+W is nice Mike but these colours are amazing,would be a shame to lose that, just a personal opinion.
    Great to see your girls runnin´ around happy! My 7 year old Sophie is the same!
    Is that the same spire with a cross in the background as in your last post,the Red one?

  6. Awesome colors. I think the inclusion of girls in this shot has worked very well.
    Good job Mike!

  7. Hard to believe it is the same church as the other posts. The church looked much larger!

  8. You’re quite active – I’m having to catch up on all the posts! This one is truly blue-tiful!

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