Day 94 – Hello Bandwagon! Mind if I Hop on?   2 comments

There are lots of bandwagons to hop onto, but in this case, the bandwagon I’ve hopped onto is the iPhone. I’ve needed a phone for some time now and am already reasonably invested in the world of iTunes so the iPhone seemed like the path of least resistance. I consider it an added bonus that it has a decent enough little camera in it so I can still take pictures when I don’t want to drag around my somewhat heavier 5D.

Today, I took the phone and a few camera apps out for a test drive to our local farmers market. It was a quick trip so I only snapped a few, but I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s not going to replace my primary camera, but  when I’m out and about without my camera bag, this little phone might come in handy.

The woman in the photo above sells Street News, a local newspaper produced by volunteers and sold by street vendors. She’s at the market every time I’ve gone, no matter how cold it gets. I captured the photo using the very popular Hipstamatic app. It simulates very old school, very cheap plastic film cameras. It even has interchangeable lenses, flashes, and film – some come with the app, some are purchased add-ons.

Processing notes: This is this photo as Hipstamatic captured it.


2 responses to “Day 94 – Hello Bandwagon! Mind if I Hop on?

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  1. Mike, great picture but using a “phone” to take pictures sounds like a regressive step for a true photographer! I have a really nice point-and-shoot film camera that you might be interested in if you keep sliding backwards.

  2. A whole new sense of mobility with the small camera. And not as intimidating as the big white lens…

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