Day 95 – Daughter of Disdain   10 comments

This is the look you get when you take a picture of your bookworm daughter when you take her to a book store and don’t let her buy a book. She gives you these sorts of dirty looks and punishes you for an hour after with a generally grumpy kind of attitude. This kid is a über bookworm so it’s a bit mean to let her into a book store without buying her a book so we probably deserved this look. Should have known better.

Processing notes: Shot with iPhone Hipstamatic app. Processed in Silver Efex Pro to convert to B&W with a strong copper tone. Darkened the lips and eyes with selective adjustments. Also added rectangular vignette in Silver Efex. Removed some shadows from under eyes with the dodging tool in PS set to 4%.


Posted 10/04/2011 by Mike Moruzi in Portrait

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10 responses to “Day 95 – Daughter of Disdain

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  1. She looks like a lonely orphan!

  2. Tell me about it, i get this kind of look from my Sophie at least 2 or three times a week but you can´t keep buying them whatever they want-ít´ll never end, anyway they´re hugging and kissing you and want bedtime stories 10 minutes later!
    They know how to wrap daddy ´round there little finger-bless ´em!

  3. I bet she was thrilled to have the book rejection followed up with an iPhone snap 🙂 I battled with my 5yo over a Polly Pocket (one she already had) the other day and she yells, for all to hear, “just give me that card. I’ll buy it if you don’t want to.”

  4. Great capture. Yikes. You are really getting the stink-eye.

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  6. Ohh no, that looks so familiar! My middle daughter (who’s also a bookworm) has given me the exact same look in the same situation…I feel your pain Mike!

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