Day 96 – Who said you could use my camera?   8 comments

This is not my photo today. Well, I guess it actually is my photo, but I didn’t take it. The guest photographer today is the Daughter of Disdain. It’s not a fitting title whatsoever as she’s actually almost always a very happy (and very giggly) young lady, but she and I both really like her new moniker.

I’m still working on turning her into a photography junkie like me, but somehow she hasn’t quite caught the bug yet. I’ll continue to try to inspire her. It has taken me a long time to really take photography seriously. My first camera was a pocket instamatic that took 110 format film (13 × 17 mm). I mostly used it on holidays and for goofing around. At some stage in my teens I picked up my mother’s old Pentax SLR (circa mid-60s).

That SLR came in handy. It was, of course, totally manual and because of that I still shoot almost exclusively in manual today. It also had a bulb setting which meant I could leave the shutter open for as long as I wanted. A buddy and I used to set up elaborate triggers and break stuff in his dad’s shed. At the moment of destruction, we had a flash rigged to fire and catch the scene. It was more popular mechanics than popular photography. We were enjoying the ability to catch the shot more than the art of photography.

In the intervening 20+ years I’ve gone through various cameras and done lots of shooting, but it has mostly just been a serious hobby. My wife got me onto this daily blogging thing this year and it has brought new focus to my photography. And it’s hard. What was I thinking deciding to do a daily photo blog? The blog is hungry. It’s only ever satisfied one day at a time. Every morning it wants another picture, more words – hopefully some of them even clever words. The words are easy though. The pictures are hard. Getting a picture up every day that I’m happy with is a lot more work than I’d like to admit.

I can only hope that my pictures are getting better and that my stories aren’t repeating themselves. If I am repeating myself I’ll never know. I would never check. I don’t go back to the old posts. I doubt anyone else does either, and I think I prefer it that way. There are a few really crap pictures back there in the blog, and I don’t really need to be reminded of them. So, I thank the Daughter of Disdain for taking the load off the shooting today. She is pleased to have her photo featured and I’m pleased to have the break.

Processing notes: I did the post on DD’s behalf. Photo was shot on the iPhone in Hipstamatic with the Kaimal Mark II lens and Blanko film. I put it through the Silhouette preset in Silver Efex Pro and then blended (on multiply blend mode) it with the original colour image to darken the background and generally boost the contrast. I then put it back through Silver Efex to add a vignette and frame.



8 responses to “Day 96 – Who said you could use my camera?

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  1. Good to see the photog behind the camera. Now I can remember to associate the face with the name 😉

  2. So this one must be titled “Dad of Disdain”

  3. I enjoy the photographs, but am impressed with the commentary that goes along with each photo Mike. I would find that more difficult than the photography itself.

    • I often find myself mentally composing my next blog – always sounds better in my head than on ‘paper’. Some days though, there’s nothing in the brain and it’s a good thing I can pad out the text with some simple mechanical processing notes! 😉

  4. Nice candid. It pains me to say this as an Apple un-enthusiast, but I’m impressed with the finish of these iPhone pictures. I’ll have to see what my Droid offers ;). Although I haven’t been working with photography nearly as long as you have, (I haven’t crossed 1 year yet), I understand what you mean about the photoblog. If mine goes quiet more than two days, it means I don’t have new material which then sends me out romping around town for more, more, more.

  5. Very nice to see the photog (and nicely taken too). I must say that I have always enjoyed your commentary, I wish I had a tenth of your commentary on my blog! 😀

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