Day 97 – Scouting Muttart   4 comments

The Muttart Conservatory is one of the major attractions in Edmonton. It’s an enclosed botanical garden showing off all kinds of plants and flowers from warmer climates than we enjoy here. The pyramids are the dominating structures at the site with four of them defining the landscape. Each pyramid captures a different climate including: tropical, arid, temperate, and the changing climates of the feature pyramid.

The barbed wire fence on the right side of the photo appears to be intended to keep unwanted visitors out of the greenhouses. I wonder if there’s big business is plant espionage. Thanks to some high piles of snow I was able to scramble to the top of a wall to get this perspective.

This was my first scouting mission to the conservatory in preparation for a wedding I’m shooting here at the end of May. Later this week, I’m planning on going inside to do some test shots. Since this will be the only time I’ve seen flowers in the past six months, I suspect I might take one or two shots of the various plant life. You should probably prepare yourself for the blog going a bit floral shortly.

Processing notes: This is a panorama from five shots. I merged the images using Hugin. I then used Viveza to darken the sky a bit and took it into Silver Efex Pro to convert to B&W using an orange filter. Finally I split tone the image in Silver Efex Pro and added the border.


4 responses to “Day 97 – Scouting Muttart

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  1. This image has an extraterrestrial touch… Love it!
    You are a true illusionist! 🙂

  2. The sky is amazing!

  3. The barbed wire is because a few years ago some idiot tried scaling the pyramids and fell through the glass. I think alcohol was involved.

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