Day 98 – Pyramid Power   5 comments

I don’t think the architects of the Muttart Conservatory subscribed to the theories of pyramid power, but maybe it was their little secret. Perhaps they thought the plants would grow better! On the other hand, I guess the plants just like the whole glass roof – greenhouse thing.

Processing notes: Ran this through a bleach bypass in Color Efex Pro to create a harsher look to the photo and pull most of the colour out of the sky. I darkened the sky further with Silver Efex Pro and selective adjustments. I added a uniform blue tone to the photo and the frame. I liked the brown brick of the tower (chimney? bell tower?) so I used a quick mask and a paint brush set to 30% opacity to bring back a bit of the colour on the tower.


5 responses to “Day 98 – Pyramid Power

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  1. Very nice composition, Mike.

  2. I like the this composition and the foot trails in the foreground that seem to be leading (the eyes) to the pyramid. I see the repetition too!

  3. I really dig the clouds, especially between the top of the pyramid and the tower. It looks like they are starting to circle like the beginnings of a hurricane via satellite imagery. The toning gives the whole piece a really crisp feel.

  4. Love the composition and the processing for this shot. I like the stormy mood the tone simulates.

  5. The brown bell tower is a really nice touch, nicely composed Mike.

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