Day 99 – So long Spring! Welcome back Winter!   3 comments

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago so I’d like to tell you not to worry, the snow is gone. A couple of days ago, I could have said the snow is nearly gone. Sure it’s still there in the bigger piles or in the shadowy corners, but our front yard was clear. We have been enjoying temperatures in the double digits (in celsius) for the first time in six months. Today though, we seem to have taken a few very big steps backward. We woke to some dense snow fall this morning. And by the time of this post (10:30am), we’ve had about three centimetres of snow. Not happy.

Thinking positively though, the temperature is still supposed to be above zero for the next few days so we’re all crossing our fingers (and toes) that the snow won’t stay.

This lovely pagoda sits in the gardens of Government House on the north side of the river in Edmonton. I’m sorry to admit that I didn’t read the signs to find out its background. I must have been distracted by the amazing roof!

Processing notes: This is an HDR image generated from three exposures using Photomatix Pro. I used the tonal contrast filter in Color Efex Pro to bring out the textures in the trees, snow, and the pagoda. I added some saturation to recover some of the colour in the pagoda. Finally I added the Color Efex Pro skylight filter (at 20%) to warm up the picture a bit. I added the border using Silver Efex Pro with a blending mode of luminosity to retain the colour.


3 responses to “Day 99 – So long Spring! Welcome back Winter!

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  1. I love, love, love this!!! And is that a totem pole in the background?! How great is that?!

  2. That is one vibrant pagoda. I wish I had that in my yard. Great photo.

  3. I love your HDR processing. Wonderful and not even slightly overdone.

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